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ERIKA SUÁREZ [Xalapa] is currently a soloist in the show Jarocho, musician and dancer in Sonex and Director of Erika Suárezcía. She is the director of Artífice Center for Dance.  She has shared the stage with great flamenco figures such as his teacher Manuel Reyes, Maria Juncal, Adela Campallo, Ursula and Tamara Lopez and Felipe Mato. Erika has received support from FONCA 2011- 2012 for studies abroad and 2007-2008 young creators. Erika was a jury of the PECDAS-FONCA in the category of dance and choreography for the states of Sinaloa and Sonora in 2012. Erika was considered by the CENIDI-DANZA José Limón as one of the best performers of her kind was invited to participate in the tribute to the great masters of dance Mexicana in 2003 and 2014. In 2003, SOMEC VITARS awarded her with recognition for her valuable artistic career. In 1999, she founded Erika Suárez Cía. and has performed in different stages of Mexico and abroad.  Erika is considered one of the greatest performers of Experimental Flamenco.

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