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We encourage you to access our film and share with your community! 

Directed by: Rodrigo Esteva and Mirah Kellc Moriarty

Videographer and Editor: Mirah Moriarty

Assistant Editor: Sebastian Esteva

Music: Binni Guala'za and Los Cojolites

Community Participants:  Aathavan Karunakaran, Abbie Turiansky, Anthony King, Larissa Canney, Oscar Green, Daisy Jaberi, Henry Liu, Audrey Liu, Marlowe Liu, Rachel Mauricio, and Ra'is San Jeronimo Mauricio, Beth Kellc

The Film is for educational purposes, only.

DANCE MONKS created Breathe Here | Respira Aqui in response to the need for uplifting public mental health support and resilience training for people of all ages during these times of change, exacerbated by COVID.   They created a short film of accessible movement sequences including self-acupressure for resilience, emotional balancing, and immune system support distributed to the public for free, including in local shelters for the unhoused.


The movement was inspired by Rodrigo's research on ancestral Toltec knowledge, including the Tonalpohualli, the ancient Mexican calendar of the 260 tonalli (days) of the Anahuac, and in-depth studies of Chinese Acupressure as a certified therapist. Breathe Here addresses the need for creating a culture of care, sanctuaries of rest and land for planting ancestral foods, especially for those who have been traditionally disenfranchised.  As part of the project, they created a milpa, including red amaranth and corn, at Ashby Community Gardens, which has now (significantly) been gifted back to the local Ohlone people through the Sogorea Te' Land Trust.  


DANCE MONKS continues to offer Breathe Here workshops for individuals, families, and schools.


Thank you, Berkeley Civic Arts, Yogalayam, The Finnish Hall, StoryCenter, Dancers' Group, and Avalos Farm


DANCE MONKS participated in the Ashby Community Gardens' movement to give #landback to the local indigenous Huchiun Lisjan Ohlone people through the rematriation project of the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust:

DANCE MONKS are advocates for low-income housing for artists and families in the Bay Area and participated in The Civic Arts Commission study on affordable housing for artists:

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