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Contemporary Technique: Movement Mythology

Dances arise from the stories that are held in our bodies; collective memories, experiences and inner states of being. Technique helps us to know ourselves and, at the same time, challenge those perspectives, creating paths towards unexplored potential. This comprehensive training includes work on the floor, self-acupressure, and challenging yet adaptable movement sequences.

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Improvisation and Composition: Activating Instincts

Improvisation is a skill cultivated to partner with each moment with a receptive and instinctual body. This class focuses on challenging physical investigations that break open our ability to listen to the mythical inner world, the environment and each other. Participants explore ways to enter states of transformative action through breath, directives, awareness and clarity of purpose to embody a more vibrant performance presence.


Site-Specific Dance: Listening to the Land

Movement is a tool for communication between body and place.  When we practice and cultivate body listening, dances arise from the stories held in the land; collective and personal histories, mythology, lost narratives, experiences, and the spaces in between.


Creative Process:
Voices for Change

This course invites students to excavate their creative voices through interdisciplinary exploration. Participants are exposed to different approaches to the creative process and are encouraged to reclaim, discover, or deepen their voice through research, reflection, and constructive feedback in a supportive environment. 


Self-Acupressure for Resilience: Apapacho

"Apapacho" is a Nahuatl word (from Rodrigo's homeland of Mexico) that means to soothe the soul. In this online workshop series, you will learn how to use your hands, breath, and gentle movement to cultivate a listening practice of self and community care during times of change. You will learn eight potent points in your body that bring emotional balance when held, alchemize pain into wisdom, and expand consciousness.

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