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Credit: DANCE MONKS/ Photographer: Ambre Murard

NOMAD: The Blue Road (2014)


Directors: Rodrigo Esteva and Mirah Kllc Moriarty

Collaborating Artists: José Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama, Naka Dance Theater, Dohee Lee and Adria Otte, The Puri Project, Pauchi Sasaki and Jennifer Curtis, world-renowned violists

International Guest Dancers: Cristina Lopez, Veronica Santiago, and Manuel Fajardo

Community Performers: Marielle Amrhein, Wei-Shan Lai, Christine Beggs, Sophie Stanley, Erica Weems, Utam Moses, Ruth Kaplan, Kiplinn Sagmiller, Victoria Ayres, Todd Brown, and Melanie Cutchon

Musicians: Dohee Lee, Pauchi Sasaki, Jennifer Curtis, and Adria Otte.

Videographer: Loren R. Robertson Productions

Manager and Marketing: Ernesto Sopprani

NOMAD: The Blue Road was a site-specific ritual performance that followed the path of (the now primarily underground) Strawberry Creek in Berkeley, California. The guided walk began at the base of the UC Berkeley campus (Center/Oxford Street entrance), passed through Center Street, and ended at Strawberry Creek Park with live performances by renowned environmental artists along the way. In response to the California drought and current water crisis around the world, NOMAD invited the audience to remember our vital, often forgotten relationship with water. The event was also held in continuous support of the current international movement to "daylight" rivers in urban places, sharing the documentary film, Lost Rivers to ignite local interest.  Over 300 people of all ages gathered and walked the waterway in remembrance.

Made possible by the Open Circle Foundation.

Article published by In Dance May 1, 2014

Review published by Berkeleyside May 19, 2014

View Excerpt of Nomad: The Blue Road

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